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Darkness(Independent's Sword-Staff)
Once named Dragonedge now it is renamed and will forever will be known as Darkness.

The Sword-Staff is ungodly,unholy,unforgiving,curse,damnation,filled with sins,filled with tortured souls,wrathful,vengeful,and literally the embodiment of darkness itself.

Not a single creature be it Angels,Demons,Humans,Elves,Shinigamis,Quincies,and the rest could never nor dare weild such a weapon that is unholy and terrifying because rumor has that whosoever grabs the sword-staff's handle will die instantly by death of being burned by black flames..after being burned the sword-staff,Darkness will devour the unlucky soul completely and the spirit will instantly be tormented by hellfire for eternity in the dragons infinite belly.

The one and only person that could rightfully weild this weapon is Independent himself.
'Revelation' Independent (2)
I forgot to color some parts of the hair including the eyebrows but hey nobody's perfect now a days.
'Revelation' Independent (1)
Let's just say Independent has gone through some new changes..
Height-1.85 cm(6'1)
Weight-57.6 km(127 pounds)
Primary Weapon-DragonEdge Swordstaff 
Zodiac-Draco The Dragon 
Family Members-Emilou Apacci(Wife),Emily(Sister),Blade(Brother),Hanataro Yamada(Step-Brother),and Ggio Vega(Brother in Law).
Powers/Abilities-Darkness,Weather Manipulation,Hypnosis,Black Flames,Black Lighting,Summon Bats,Enhanced Speed,Enhanced Strength,Enhanced Endurance,Enhanced Durability,Hyper-Primal Instincts,Shape-Shifting,Telekinesis,Telepathy,Psycho-Kinesis,Hyper-Regeneration,and Enhanced Rage.
Favorite Food and Drink-Pizza and Pepsi
Like's-Emilou Apacci 
Dislike's-Humans,Shinigamis,and Quincies.
Hobbies-Drawing Art,Collecting fallen enemies own personal weapons,Listening to Heavy Metal Music,Hanging out with friends,and spending time with Emilou Apacci.
Strengths-Darkness,Vampire Abilities,and consuming blood including souls.
Weaknesses-Light(Divine),Sodas,and Anger issues.

Personality and Personal Story-Independent or Indy for short is a vampire and he was born and raised in Salt Lake City.Not much is known about his parents but they were killed by The Lord of Hell,Lucifer and the humans who work for him.Independent has vowed vengeance on the human race and Lucifer for the death of his parents.Independent is shown to be sometimes to be laid back,polite,helpful,and is willing to help his family and friends in times of trouble.He is also shown to be calm most of the time but it is known that he has been considered an Anti-Hero with a personal agenda.He has an extreme hatred for Humans and other inferior creatures due to their Hypocrisy's,Greed,and Selfishness.He will not hesitate to kill them regardless of whether they are good or evil just to satisfy his thirst for his revenge. Independent can be anti-social,hateful,aggressive,cruel,a perfectionist with superiority complex,and is known to be manipulative if needed be.He normally doesn't like to be challenged or being threatened by others which he considers an insult and if happened he will go into extreme rage and will violently kill them without any sheer amount of mercy.Independent is known infamously as one of the most powerful vampires in history due his Zodiac,Draco The Dragon including his vampire abilities and his powers of darkness.But most notably people have witnessed him carrying his Sword-staff,DragonEdge. He has shown to be very protective for his friends including his family such as his brothers,his sister,and most of all his beloved wife,Emilou Apacci. He will do anything to protect her if her life is on the line and will eliminate anyone who tries to harm her by any means necessary.His whereabouts are currently unknown and a lot of people including famous and infamous warriors have been looking for him due to the fact that he has a deadly reputation..nevertheless Independent tends to want to be alone in solitude and avoid any contact from people.The rest of his story ends here..


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I'm just another Artist that likes to draw Anime :P


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