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Sub-Freeze The Ice Storm Ninja
Name- Sub~Freeze

Real Name- Kori Hyoga

Ht- 6'2

Wt- 232 lbs

Hometown- Unknown..possibly somewhere in Anartica.

Nationality- Japanese~Anartic

Signature Weapon- Ice Storm Sword(Ninjato Sword)

Zodiac- Canis Major The Wolf

Element- Ice

Powers/Abilities- Ice Manipulation,Atmospheric Freezing,Cryo-Kinesis,Avalanche Creation,Artic Adaptation,Absolute Zero Inducement,Cold Air Manipulation,Cold Immunity,Cold Energy Manipulation,Cold Empowerment,Cold Embodiment,and Infinite Ice Powers.

Combat Experience- Akido and Ninjutsu

Guild- Ninja

Personality-Serious,Honorable,Calm,Aggressive,Loves Fighting,and Protective.

Race- Ice Demon

Likes- Beer,Saki,Pizza,Anything Acohol Drink related,Football,Fighting,and Meditation.

Dislikes- Spiders,Monkeys,Fire,People who aren't completely serious in deadly suituations including other stuff,and Swimming.

Strengths- Ice Powers and Hand to Hand Combat Experience,Acrobatics,and Free-Running.

Weakness- Fire and Thermal Tempatures..especially Summer Seasons.

Blood-Type~ O

Family Relatives- Ninja Grand Master Goritama*Father*(Deceased),and Kikiyo*Mother(Deceased)

Story- The Hyoga Clan and their main rival clan,The Netsu Clan were always at each others throats..battle after battle century after century..The Hyoga and The Netsu Clan eventually settled in a peace agreement and moved to secret location in the Anartica Region.Sub-Freeze and his former best friend,Taka also known as Magma were raised there and played ninja together all the time but they became enemies due to their differences involving the argument on both of their clans.As Sub-Freeze practice his Ice Powers all of the sudden he couldn't control his ice powers and accidentally shoot his enormous ice blizzard storm at The Netsu Clan including Magma's Parents.Magma who survived this swore revenge on his rival and vowed to unleashed his destruction on Sub-Freeze.Magma eventually slaughtered and murdered his clan including his parents.Magma got his revenge which result Sub-Freeze being filled with sadness and griefed.Sub-Freeze vowed to get justice and stop Magma's evil and his murdering rampage.With the help of his new friends Blade,Independent,and Belligerent to stop Magma and his new evil allies including Blade's Rival,Executioner.Sub-Freeze's Story ends here..
Independent The Darkness
Name- Independent
D.O.B.- 12/16/????
Hometown- Salt Lake City,Utah America
Nationality- America
Race- Vampire
Ht- 6'1
Wt- 135 lbs
Blood~Type- V(Rare)
Element- Darkness
Primary Weapon- Darkness(Swordstaff)
Zodiac- Draco The Dragon
Family Relatives- Father*Deceased*,Mother*Deceased*,Emilou Apacci(Wife),Emily(Sister),Blade(Brother),Hanataro Yamada(Step-Brother),and Ggio Vega(Brother in Law).

Powers/Abilities- Darkness,Weather Manipulation,Hypnosis,Black Flames,Black Lightning,Vanta Black Beam,Summon Bats,Super-Speed,Super-Strength,Enhanced Endurance,Enhanced Durability,Hyper-Primal Instincts,Hyper-Rage,Hyper-Regeneration,Natural Vampire Abilities,Darkness Manipulation,Shadow Mimicry,Absolute Darkness,Dark Energy Manipulation,and Multiple Darkness Abilities.

Guild- Knight

Likes- Emilou Apacci,Emily,Pepsi,Pizza,and Animals including Dogs and Cats.He also likes to drink blood of prey.

Dislikes- Humans,Shinigamis,Quinces,People who personally annoy him,Vegetables,and Inferior creatures that are beneath him.

Strengths- Darkness,Vampire Abilities,and Consuming Blood including Souls.

Weakness- Light(Divine),Sodas,Anger Issues,Cannot resists his wife being naked,and doesn't pay attention to certain details.

Personality- Calm,Polite,Extremely Aggressive,Calculating,Cunning,Anti-Social,Likes to be alone in solitude sometimes,Destructive,Hateful,and Vengeful.

Story- Independent or Indy for short is a vampire born and raised in Salt Lake City.Not much is known about his parents but they where killed by The Lord of Hell,Lucifer including Heretic(Future Arch-Rival),and the Humans who work for the devil.Independent has vowed to get his vengeance on Lucifer,Heretic,and The Human Race due to the death of his parents.He eventually met his long lost little sister,Emily including Blade(Brother)and his friends Belligerent and Sub-Freeze.For the first time Independent became friends with them and formed a team to become known as The Justice Heroes.Many years have passed and despite being associated with The Justice Heroes..Independent still continues on his quest for revenge on the people who murdered his parents.And he will stop at nothing until he gets his satisfaction for vengeance..his story ends here.
Belligerent The Golem
Name- Belligerent

Former Name- Mutumbo Mumbasa Harambe

D.OB.- 7/?/????

Race- Golem

Hometown-Zimbwamba,South Sudan Africa


Height- 12 ft.

Weight- 90,000 tons

Primary Weapon- Destroyer Axe

Zodiac-Taurus The Bull

Personality-Funny,Positive,Hilariously Crazy,Goofy,Protective,Strong-Willed,and Committed to a righteous cause. 

Powers/Abilities- Super-Strength,Enhanced Speed,Super-Durability,Enhanced Endurance,Geo-Kinesis(Earth Manipulation),Electricity,Magnetism,Metal Manipulation,Indestructible Physiology,Seismic Energy Beam,Radiation Immunity,Seismic Sense,Seismic Wave,Seismic Burst,Tremor Manipulation,and Multitude of Earth-Power like abilities.

Element- Earth

Likes- Singing,Rapping,Eating Veggies,Drinking Sprite,Veggie Bean Burritos,Extra Positivity,Being Hilarious,Helping,and Hanging out with Friends.

Dislikes- Swimming(Not a very good swimmer and can easily drown),Meat,and His Arch-Enemy.

Relatives- King Mutamba Mutamba*Father*(Deceased),Eva Alolia*Mother*(Deceased),Brothers and Sisters*Unknown*(Deceased).


BloodType- None

Story- A prophecy was foretold that a great prince would be the first born golem and would one day grow up to be a powerful african king that will save not only the people of Africa but the world as well.Thus Mutumbo Mumbasa Harambe better known as Belligerent was born.When he was 8 years old his Father who he loved dearly was killed and betrayed by his close friend,Torus eventually known as Warlord.Along with his Mother,his siblings,and the rest of his people being slaughtered by Warlord's hands.Griefed and angered by Warlords atrocities and the fact that his family was murdered by Warlord..Belligerent unleashes a Seismic Burst Wave that sends Warlord flying to the distances.After these horrible events Belligerent went to his Father's secret room and grabbed the legendary weapon,The Destroyer Axe which stores The Zodiac,Taurus The Bull.After wielding the weapon he inherits and was granted the powers of earth by his zodiac.Belligerent went on to travel the world searching for adventures,and saving people.Years Later he eventually became friends with the most infamous people The Vampire Brothers,Blade and Independent.And The Ice Demon,Sub-Freeze.Belligerent and his Best Friends eventually formed an alliance to become known as "The Justice Heroes" and went on to do more adventures ever since..his story ends here.
Belligerent *1940*
Here's Belligerent as a kid back in the old days.Good old Belligerent carrying his little battle axe.
Height-1.85 cm(6'1)
Weight-57.6 km(127 pounds)
Primary Weapon-DragonEdge Swordstaff 
Zodiac-Draco The Dragon 
Family Members-Emilou Apacci(Wife),Emily(Sister),Blade(Brother),Hanataro Yamada(Step-Brother),and Ggio Vega(Brother in Law).
Powers/Abilities-Darkness,Weather Manipulation,Hypnosis,Black Flames,Black Lighting,Summon Bats,Enhanced Speed,Enhanced Strength,Enhanced Endurance,Enhanced Durability,Hyper-Primal Instincts,Shape-Shifting,Telekinesis,Telepathy,Psycho-Kinesis,Hyper-Regeneration,and Enhanced Rage.
Favorite Food and Drink-Pizza and Pepsi
Like's-Emilou Apacci 
Dislike's-Humans,Shinigamis,and Quincies.
Hobbies-Drawing Art,Collecting fallen enemies own personal weapons,Listening to Heavy Metal Music,Hanging out with friends,and spending time with Emilou Apacci.
Strengths-Darkness,Vampire Abilities,and consuming blood including souls.
Weaknesses-Light(Divine),Sodas,and Anger issues.

Personality and Personal Story-Independent or Indy for short is a vampire and he was born and raised in Salt Lake City.Not much is known about his parents but they were killed by The Lord of Hell,Lucifer and the humans who work for him.Independent has vowed vengeance on the human race and Lucifer for the death of his parents.Independent is shown to be sometimes to be laid back,polite,helpful,and is willing to help his family and friends in times of trouble.He is also shown to be calm most of the time but it is known that he has been considered an Anti-Hero with a personal agenda.He has an extreme hatred for Humans and other inferior creatures due to their Hypocrisy's,Greed,and Selfishness.He will not hesitate to kill them regardless of whether they are good or evil just to satisfy his thirst for his revenge. Independent can be anti-social,hateful,aggressive,cruel,a perfectionist with superiority complex,and is known to be manipulative if needed be.He normally doesn't like to be challenged or being threatened by others which he considers an insult and if happened he will go into extreme rage and will violently kill them without any sheer amount of mercy.Independent is known infamously as one of the most powerful vampires in history due his Zodiac,Draco The Dragon including his vampire abilities and his powers of darkness.But most notably people have witnessed him carrying his Sword-staff,DragonEdge. He has shown to be very protective for his friends including his family such as his brothers,his sister,and most of all his beloved wife,Emilou Apacci. He will do anything to protect her if her life is on the line and will eliminate anyone who tries to harm her by any means necessary.His whereabouts are currently unknown and a lot of people including famous and infamous warriors have been looking for him due to the fact that he has a deadly reputation..nevertheless Independent tends to want to be alone in solitude and avoid any contact from people.The rest of his story ends here..


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